Hello guys!
As mentioned, i'll be doing a series of weekly blog post leading up to Christmas! Thought it'd be a fun idea to write about plus it's too also let myself bask in the season a little longer (and earlier)! This will be to not only prepare you guys for the best Christmas yet but also for me to share some of my thoughts and ideas on this space!

What is Secret Santa?

  • Secret Santa - You/The person that picked you
  • Secret Santee - The person you picked

Basically you need to have a group of friends (at least a group of three),  and write down each name on a piece of paper, and everyone will draw a name. The fun part comes, you are not able to share the name that you've picked with anyone! The name you pick will be the person you'll get a gift for and on the day of the present exchange, you'll have to guess the person that got you and the person you picked, has to guess that you picked him/her. From what i do, there really isn't a prize of guessing right and punishment for getting wrong - just the pure thrill of it? 

I love Secret Santa so much because it's like a mini challenge to yourself to get the gifts that your secret santa like base on how much you know them and also, a way for you to express your love/gratitude to them through something really nice! 

Now that you roughly (hopefully) know what Secret Santa is, here are some tips for you to have an even greater time with your friends! 


#1: Find a group of friends
This sounds ridiculous but the bigger the group of people, the more thrilling/fun the game will be! Also, choose people that you are comfortable with to buy gifts for and people that you actually interact with to give/receive the best gifts possible! 

#2: Set a budget
This is extremely important because as much as we'd like to deny, our 'face' is pretty much on the line. Setting a budget not only helps you determine what you can and cannot give/receive, it also ensures that you will more or less get things around what you give. For example, you will end up feeling like shit if you got a box of chocolates for your secret santa and you received something really expensive like Marc Jacobs and all that. Okay, you get my point but yes setting a budget is pretty important! You can do it in range like $10 to $15 or minimum $50! Just keep it realistic and in a small range!

#3: Create a Whatsapp group
This is to keep everyone on track, update each other, drop hints, let people know what you'd hate to receive and of course, tell the group your sizes so that you can save the hassle of exchanging and all that! This whatsapp group is extremely useful for you if you need to find out things about your secret santee BUT do note to not be too obvious when you ask questions! ALWAYS direct the question to the whole group and ensure everyone replies before responding to keep the thrill of the game up. Totally suck when there are spoilers around, seriously.

#4: Do your research
Pay attention and observe your friends to firstly to know them better and secondly, to get the best gifts for them possible. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want your money to go to waste! Also, everyone wants the present to be liked and all right? So yeap, pay attention and look out! People usually subconsciously show/express what they like/hate! 

#5: Back up plan
Don't only settle on ONE gift that you must get for your secret santee because you'd be busted if that thing gets sold out and all that. Pretty sure you'll launch yourself into panic mode, so always have a back up plan! 

#6: Shop online, shop early
Usually when you shop online, its a lot cheaper than getting in stores even though they may be the same thing. Also, there are more choices online and you get to ship gifts from overseas - making your gift extra special. But when you shop online, please shop at least one month in advance (so you should start like now) because shipping may end up delaying and it would suck big time if you go empty handed to your exchange neither would you like not receiving your gift right! 

This will be an ongoing series until Christmas Day so do look out for the next post! Hope this helped you a tiny bit at least!