Hey guys!
Here's another cafe review which is something that hasn't been up for a long while so here's one! I went to try out Relish by Wild Rocket since it has been on my 'To Visit List' - yes i actually do have one and since my friend wanted to give it a go too, we did!

It's one of the more convenient cafes to go to i'd say, pretty accessible as compared to places like windowsill, bravery and all that. It's located just behind Serangoon Gardens or if you're more familiar with it - Chomp Chomp! It's in this shopping mall like place called My Village and apparently it has a few cafes there? I think i saw Wimbly Lu there or something, could be a mini store? 

It's located at the second floor if i'm not wrong, you wouldn't miss it with the monochrome curtains! If i'm not wrong, they have other outlets as well, check out their facebook page for more info!

My friend and i reached there at about 8plus so i guess since it was after dinner time, it was pretty quiet and we had plenty of seats to choose from! The place was quiet, it was nice, i loved the interior! It was very nicely done! The waitress who served us was very nice too, she responded super quick and she knows her stuff! 

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea - $4 
Even though they gave a mini cup of syrup, i still thought this was pretty bland but it was still alright for me! For those who prefer sweeter iced tea, don't forget to ask for extra serving of syrup! 

Hand Cut Onion Rings with Curry Mayo - $9.90 
This was quite good! I think they added some spices or something with the batter and it was super flavourful, love it! Do give this a go! The curry wasn't very overwhelming with the mayo, so it was good! 

White Truffle Fries - #9
Tasted pretty much like the typical truffle fries i'd say, i've had better! But it's not too bad.

Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger - $16.40
I thought this was quite average as well, like the typical beef burgers you'd expect! They had this special sauce though, i had no idea what it is but i didn't really like it! However the beef was quite well done and the bacon wasn't too salty! 

Soft Shell Chilli Crab Burger - $18.80
My friend thought this was usual as well even though i'd give it to them for coming up with an interesting mix! Chilli crab in a burger - hats off! 

Overall i'd say this place would be better preferred for snacks and finger food as compared to the mains i guess? This is what i'd say for now since i've only tried two mains out of the plenty that they have! I still love the place and the setting though, if you tried this place or will be giving this a go, let me know what you try and if i should go back to try something new!

Till next time, Cheers!