Hey guys!
So very recently i went to the Geylang Bazaar with my friends to kind of get a feel of how people who'll be celebrating Hari Raya will be getting ready by with all the shopping and food etc! It was located right outside Paya Lebar MRT station, just head out and turn right and you're good!

It was my first time going to the bazaar even though i've been hearing my friends raving about it for a good amount of time! It's basically like a giant night market but mainly selling things for Hari Raya like lights, traditional costumes and Hari Raya cookies!

We went pass this store and didn't get anything since it wasn't open yet and we couldn't find it anymore!

We reached the place at about 7pm so the crowd wasn't that bad but when we went out for a bit and headed back for round 2 at about 945pm, it was crazy! We could hardly move around without having to wait a few seconds for the line to move and all that. So, if you want to go over without walking shoulder to shoulder with other people, try and head over earlier! But if you want to get a taste of the atmosphere with all the music, bumping into people, smelling food everywhere you turn your head to, head over there after dinner time!

Personally the best experience there was watching everyone break fast together! It was a pretty amazing time to be there and witness how everyone just mini celebrate before they take their first bite/gulp after really long hours and my friend broke fast there too! So it was super nice! 

Some tips for those who'll be checking out the place for the first time:

So my friend and i were at this stall for quite sometime just looking around and all that when we actually saw the stall owner charge different customers for different prices for the same thing. For example the stall owner will tell customer A that X is for $5 and Y is for $3 but tell customer B that X is for $10 and Y is for $6 and all that. I'm sure there is a difference between X and Y but the prices vary depending on the individual and i was.. pretty taken aback. Hence, when you are there, ask around for the prices and if you have a couple of friends get them to ask and find out as well especially when the prices are not written. Of course the actual prices weren't $3 or $5, it was rather high that's why it was quite.. shocking i'd say! 

Anyway, after that is out of the way, i'd say that my experience there was crazy fun with all the food and people and of course my company there! This is a better racial-exchange thingy thing than my primary school organized - can't wait to bring my friends to the night market at Chinatown during the Chinese New Year Period!

P/S: I know i haven't blogged for over a month, it's because nothing really interesting happened so far and i didn't exactly visit very new places or cafes but i'll be trying to blog more often (as i say all the time), meanwhile keep a look out for post updates on my social media accounts! Cheers