Hello dead space,
Shout out to the people who actually come back and check this space on an almost daily basis? (yes i've been checking the hits so thank you very much, really)

I'd love to come up with an excuse saying that i've been terribly busy with school and all that but in all honesty i'm not, i'm actually coping i guess? With only three days of school per week i should have more than enough time to head out and update this space with cafe reviews and stuff but lets just summarize this whole reason into one word - LAZY.

And i apologize, especially to those of you who come back each time after my long hiatus. I don't have an amazing post for you guys today, just some photos taken over the month of May but what i do have is a piece of really good news!

I'll be heading to Sydney in about 10 days time and i'll definitely do blog post(s) about it and might even throw in a vlog or two just to make it up! So do keep a look out for that, meanwhile enjoy these pictures and yay, i'm twenty!

Attica with the girls! Favourite club ever ever ever! 

Proof of having a fun night for Jennnna

One of the days where the cray and i had to set up and we stuck our heads behind the TV to try to find out something, this was how we looked like half the time

Class visit to an advertising company!

Launch of DOR!

With the girls!

Birthday present i got for myself!

Super annoying person


Janelle baked this for me! Love it when people make stuff for me! 

Day out with the boys for my bday celebration!

Presents from them!

With the bro! Yes we over order all the time!

Which is sexier? Icy cold ribena or Jan? 

This is peter

Crazy again

Bokeh shots!

Grub with pebbles where she bought me my birthday dinner!

Habitat cafe visit! Pretty latte art for meee yay

Prata with the DOR team!

First time joonie wore formal in three years!

Ikea date!

Tolido's date with weers where she got me my birthday dinner!

Random photos in school!
Menya mushashi time! - All time fav ramen restaurant!

Grad cards for some seniors!


Happy graduation again, pebbles!

Bokeh shot 2!

Made pesto pasta!

Town with the girls!

Black X Gold

What happens in class, all the time

Photoshoot for PR team! 

#throwback to sec five! 

Birthday dinner with HASC! 

With all the sugar skulls the sissys got me! 

Attica again~ 

Finally,  favorite starbucks fix - Soy green tea latte and deep dish beef pie!

That's all! 
Short post but picture filled, hope you enjoyed! Till next time!