Hey guys!
This is the last day we had in Sydney and we were all super ultra maximum blahblah sad to leave the place! Our flight was about 145pm so we had a good few hours to hang around the airport and all that fun stuff!

Breakfast with the girls!

Thanks you vibe rushcutters for being with us 

Random photo of honey counter at the airport

Beyond thankful for these girls (missing belle) #yoloswag

This was taken and sent to my friends right before i knocked out on the plane and didn't know it took off! 

This is basically what happens when everyone falls asleep except me.. Yeap 

Met this super adorable kid on the plane who was full of smiles and laughter! Now that's a change! 

We snuck to the back of the plane midway and decided to chat with an air stewardness about life, quite an experience!

Caught the sunset behind the dirty glass

Unpacking killed me

I got these from Aussie, only regret was not getting more #lipbalmobsession

Shout out to my fav indian boy for making the trip amazing! 

& this post concludes my best experience overseas! I love the weather, love the people and love all the activities! It was indeed nothing less than fun filled and eye opening! I left sydney with a clearer mindset of what i wanted to do, new and deeper friendships forged, a ton of stuff, lots of photos and stories to share with my other friends! I can't wait to go back now that Sydney holds one of my best memories! 

Giant shoutout to my roomie, the yolo swag team, the facis and some wonderful year two mates like the lipbalm person, my "security guard" and some writers and all! Super glad that i signed up for this trip and had so much fun! Even though bad things happen, better things took place to cover up and if not for that shit i wouldn't have known who my buddies were! I'm so, so so happy! 

Of course, shoutout to my family for being there throughout! 

I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms posting pictures on a daily basis on instg of Sydney and really wish i can go back to when my friends were either in my room or a few door downs and meals were never quite because everyone was super fun! I miss my comfy seat on the bus and the crazy talks way past midnight!