Hey guys!
Day 5 was our last official day in Sydney and we had basically half the day to shop around! Not much photos though because it was really intense shopping, i promise!

We started our day early as usual and made our way to Intel for a talk first! I cannot get over how good looking the australians are, really! (that's not my take away from the talk but thought i should raise it up)

After that we had lunch and went over to Homebush for some super exciting shopping! Like i said, not much photos but here are some i took on the way there!

PLEASE SPOT THE GIANT RAINBOW! #funfact: I only ever saw rainbows about 5 times in my entire 20 years of life.

After homebush we went over to target before dinner and i went slightly mental there because the things were really cheap and good i suppose! Got quite a few gifts for my family and friends over there and left with a giant bag!

Had korean food for dinner!

The things that i bought over at aussie! 

Was quite upset that the bag i got had a missing buckle but i fixed it once i got home!

My room was a warzone because 4 people were packing and it was so fun! 

Monica bought us some sweet treats for the night! 

Ohyes! We went for a swim at 16 degress, almost died every time we got out of the pool but it was an experience! 

Stay tuned for day 6!
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