Hey guys!
Day 4 of Sydney was going to the Blue Mountains and visiting Sydney University! It was a whole new experience especially at the Blue Mountains where we learned about the aboriginal culture to find out what Australia was like before today. We all had this conception where aussie started of with whites and all but in fact, there were others! It was both educational yet heartbreaking to find out how they were treated as a "blemish" and discriminated just because of they are different even basic rights like voting and living were evoked due to that. The guy shared with us that his uncles at that time were about 6-7 years old were thrown in jail just for dancing on the public streets celebrating together with the other people, like what the hell?!

I personally am strongly against discrimination merely due to skin colour, differences and all that. Unless you're a giant asshole with a mouth that can't be tamed or with screwed up minds like a murderer/rapist or some sick shit then you jolly well deserved to be hated and all that. But just for being different and being the minority?! Screw you, really whoever - I'd go all ahead and going back to the history where the slaves and all that exist but i'll keep that to my other blog since well yeap, moving on!

We started off with a personalize-your-boomerang session because it had something to do with their culture - used for hunting

I tried to do the sun but it failed so it's ok, anyway mid way my roomie went crazy and splattered white paint into her huge eyes and freak the hell out of everyone at the table /claps/

We had this demonstration on how the tribes fought in the past and there was one that was quite interesting! I think they strongly believed in the spirits and how they will make the right decision so when the defendant is fighting for his innocence, there is this part where he will just be standing there with a shield which cannot be moved after he chose a place and infront of him will be 6 elders who will be aiming spears at his leg and no where else. At the same time they will throw the spear together and if the defendant is innocent, the spirits will help him and he will leave the "fight" unharmed but if he is guilty, it'll pierce through this legs! 

We then had a mini performance on what their tribe dances were and the instruments used and what their body paint meant! 

We then headed over to the main attraction of the area, Blue Mountains with a stunning view! Crazy sad that we only had literally 5 minutes to take pictures including selfies with the breathtaking view of the Three Sisters! 

This place between us is for Elaine in case you are wondering

After that, we had lunch at this hotel which was said to be up way back in 1912! It was a little creepy and we had a mini freak out moment when the door was closing by itself when we were leaving the place but ah wells!

Yes, i was fairly excited by this fire place

Once lunch was done, we had to rush and make our way to Sydney University for a tour and a sneak peek into the life of a Uni student! It was.. scary i guess? I've always wanted to study overseas but after that i got a little taken aback by all the procedures, the new environment, the costs and basically everything else! Mostly because the place was huge and i held my pee half the time which was probably what left me feeling funny.


The sky is always so pretty in Aussie!

The talk we had ended about 5-ish, headed for dinner and we had about an hour to shop around this mall which opened till 9pm - westfield if i'm not wrong! 

With the bb

Since our tour bus services ended pretty much at 630pm-ish we had to take the public transport back and it was super fun! Honestly felt like a giant school trip with everyone on the bus and all! The bus ticket was so cool, you have to put a hole through it and all that stuff, just like in the TV! 

Clearly overly excited by taking the public transport!

We made a stop at the petrol station to grab some ice lollies before heading back to the hotel and it was super fun! Had this cool find too: 

Looks can be deceiving #justsaying

Stay tuned for day 5-6!
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