Hey guys!
Day 3 was one of the days we (animal lovers) were looking forward to because we get to help build houses of the kangaroos wallaby and the other native animals like snakes and all!

I ate the same thing for 5 mornings straight and i wouldn't mind having it for the rest of my life yay

Tip from Sydney, take it.

I got caught by this dude taking his photo but i just thought it was so cool #hipsteralert

Even though we had to wake up at crazy early timing because the bus ride there was a good 45minutes but it was all well!

We pulled over at the front of this crazy cool house, super lucky to be living here! 

By the way, it was very very cold! Because we were slightly out of the city area i suppose thats why the temperature dropped like mad and i had to pull on another sweater under my jacket before heading to the place! 

Made our way to the meeting area, had a little briefing and all that, sprayed on tons of insect repellent and we are off!

We started off with layers of clothes but the sun was pretty strong so we basically stripped down to only one layer at a good 17-18 degree weather! Quite a new experience i'd say! 

After doing work for about 2.5 hours we took a little subway break and met some animals!

If you can't already tell, i love dogs and i love being close to them but i don't really like reptiles and all that.. cold animals and this is what happens when you still want a photo with something you are terrified of

P/S: Aussie subway was the bombz

After that we had a little debrief and all that before heading for our first shopping experience at one of the most amazing place ever - Paddy's Market! Given the super limited time, it was quite exciting because we were running like mad women all over the place trying to get as much things as possible since everything was on sales! (I'm proud of monica for getting a pair of new balance for only 69aussie)

The things here were quite affordable i'd say! So when you're in Sydney, don't forget to pay a visit here!

I was bugging the girls to let me grab a fruit because my aunt told me to try some fruits in aussie since they have one of the best and true enough, it was!!

I got this giant apple for only 50cents! It was super yums!

Of course, no matter how limited the time was, there is always time for a selfie yeap

After that we went off for dinner at this Thai restaurant which something screwed up there and all i can say is that i've never been so thankful for my friends be in those in Sydney or those in Singapore! Responding to my texts at the speed of light and encouraging me even though we are 7 hours away from each other! Shout out to whoever you guys are - you'd know!

-When in Sydney-

After that we pretty much just went back to the hotel, washed up and came to my room for more h2h talks and card games as usual!


Fun fact, because we are all losers and don't work out much, 6 hours of bending down pulling weed and carrying rocks and all that stuff landed quite a few of us body aches and acting like 80 year olds when we are barely 21.. Win

Stay tuned for day 4-6!
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