Hey guys!
Day 2 was mostly school-ish related stuff! We visited PRIA & PPR and it was super eye-opening i promise, the way the PR people think and work around there was pretty different from here and i love it! Plus points to be hearing someone with a different accent present, also we had to put up a pitch at PPR with our teams and we won! I am so proud! 

We woke up about 5am Singapore time for breakfast hence my face thanks


After our first talk, we had a little time before lunch so we headed to Woolworths and spend a good sum of money there because everything was amazing! 

They have Krispy Kreme in their 711, ouch sg ouch.

Wall of Eclipse 

We had pizza for lunch yay! 

We were greeted by amazing clouds after we left the restaurant and it was just beautiful!

I love leaves that are shaped like this, wanted to bring one home but my friends stopped me :(

This was on the roof of PPR, crazy cool! Who wouldn't want to work in a place like this?!

After that we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant!

"I worked at ritz carlton before i can serve fish!!" 

Pink sweets? Yes

Had a mini-adventure with Harjit and had some ice cream, it was goooood!

Eye-spy some ang mo dude i spotted in the lift 

Some aussie buys for a friend! 

only zeebs would iron even when she is overseas! 

Stay tuned for day 3-6!
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