Hey guys!
So i just came back on a school trip to Sydney and it was amazing! The weather was great, the companion was awesome and everything was just fun fun fun and more fun! We had 6 days there and different activities were planned for each day - Day 1 was basically just sightseeing as we spent half a day on the plane there already! 

Because it is the winter time in Sydney, days were extremely short and nights were crazy long, on top of the fact that it was two hours earlier than Singapore, we had to do a little bit of adjusting here and there but all was well!

Our flight was at 145am so we had to gather at the airport and spend some time wandering around and all! Everyone was crazy excited which kind of resulted us not being able to sleep on the plane and roamed around half dead the following day! 

We touched down and went to Darling Harbour straight for our first meal, Fish & Chips - Having it the good ol' way! 

The Fish & Chips were super good and the sauces were super cool as well, it's squeezable-ish? Maybe we were just hungry or maybe it was just Aussie but the juice box was damn gooooood! 

Gadgets & stuff yes

My roomie & i - Shoutout: Thank you for being the best roomie ever, taking care of me and being my alarm clock making sure i was up and well every single day! 

The sky was so beautiful! In gradient and all that, despite it being sunny it was pretty cold as well, no we are not crazy to run around in jackets and jeans!

The harbour was so pretty! We were in a bit of a rush so not much pictures there, i love being by the piers looking at the boats and all that! Plus the water was so glittery! 

We then hopped on our tour bus and went to Bondi Beach next! If i'm not wrong, it wasn't on our itinerary but i remembered telling the facis how much i wanted to go there and they made it happen! Call them magical or something! 

& We are there! It was soooo pretty! 

The waves were pretty high up! 

What's a beautiful place without some failed jump shots by team lama?

After that we went on to the The Royal Botanic Garden! It'd be reallllyyyy nice to have a picnic there! 

Next we headed off to The Rocks if i'm not wrong? I'm really bad at names if anyone knows where this place is called exactly, please let me know because i love it and i want to go back there some day! 

We basically just wandered around the area and walked here and there but it was still super pretty because of all the buildings and all that! But the sun was already setting which was quite a bummer! 

Our final stop was at the Sydney Opera House before dinner! 

After dinner, we finally checked in and washed up before heading to the convenience store! 

This is magical

We then had some fun time in zeebs and my room before knocking out good! 

My shoes at Bondi, Botanic Gardens and Darling Harbour! 

Stayed tuned for Day 2-6! 

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