Hey guys!
For those who don't know, i'm turning 20 very very soon and my since my friends are crazy busy, they decided to do an advanced celebration for me! We had a super fun and simple day and i enjoyed every moment of it.

So we met at Esplanade where they made me appear in a dress and had make up and all that when they were all in checkered/shirts and shorts. Goodness, lamas... They then surprised me with my favorite Ikea cake and we had some fun where they had a mini lama game show to see how well i knew everyone, not too bad, only got 5 wrong out of 21! /pats shoulder/

Yes i wore the crown the whole day

Headed to the dinner place over at PoTeaTo and had a superb meal!

After dinner we took a bus down to Clarke Quay and got some beer, sat by the river and had long talks which was amazing! Thank you for all the gifts, the games, the stories, the planning and everything. You girls are the best!