hey guys!
so today isn't going to be the usual cafe/food places review neither is it going to be about all the other stuff like how my march has been (also going up soon) but it's going to be just a mini thought-recap of my poly life so far. reason being, few days ago is the second year since the first day llamas got together and it has been amazing. Also, because there are people going into poly soon and you may have some worries/questions so my experience might be able to help a little? I hope! So back to Llamas.

Like I've said a million times before, they are the best thing that happened to me poly. I've heard so many stories of how poly will only be filled with people who care for themselves and will only befriend you if you bring benefits to them (not lying, there ARE people like that.) But Llamas, we've been through so much together, we fought, we laughed, we got drunk, we saw each other puke and cry and a lot of other things which will be deemed inapppropriate if I talk about it here! hint: chalet moments. 

So poly year one was when I met these girls, did I mention before how much I hated school especially during the orientation because everyone was just new, awkward, fresh, some try too hard, some don't try enough and all that. I hated school and I even thought about transferring school that I talked to my dad about it (thank God I didn't.) 

The first week of school was of course, horrible, with the endless class introductions and new faces and infinite awkward moments and the constant worry about having to eat alone in a foreign campus - it was all too crazy. I was lucky enough to find two friends who were in the same team to have lunch with me something horrible happened, I was being left in the food court alone after agreeing to meet back somewhere after getting our food. It was extremely horrifying especially to me since I already hated school so much and now my new coursemates dropped bomb on me. Yes I was stupid enough to not take their number and in the end I went back to my class and had my first meal with a coursemate named Dawn, yes I still remember! Even though we hardly talked it felt good to at least not have to be alone. P/S: that was a 17 turning 18 year old me who hadn't tried being alone in a foreign place like school before but gg I'm fine now, I travelled alone so please don't judge me thanks! 

TIP #1: It's okay to feel scared/alone and stuff in poly even though you might have made friends during orientation and can't seem to locate them anymore. (Funfact, none of the llamas were in the circle of friends i hung out with during orientation, in fact, none of my poly close friends are friend whom i've met during orientation!) Also, it's perfectly normal to hate school the first week or two because come on, it's so foreign and all that so take a chill pill, give it a little time, it'll get better!

Anyway, fast forward that, second week of school we are all slightly better and one fine day during break. 10 random girls got together and had lunch at TRCC! Among the 10 people, 7 girls are now in Lamas! Don't ask me what happened to the other two, I don't know honest. Since then we decided to be fun and had a whatsapp group with endless crazy chats everyday, had oovoo video calls, had dress code Fridays and started celebrating each other's birthdays and hanging out together! It was all pretty awesome because the 8 of us were in the same class and what not, super fun and stuff! 

Then classes started to split and naturally we were all separated, come on what are the chances 8 people remain in the same class right? Initially i thought this was the worst idea ever, imagine being separated from your friends you've made in your first semester in school BUT i promise, it isn't as bad as it sounds.

Changing classes means meeting new people which means meeting new friends and discovering what kind of people you prefer to work and hang out with. Honestly, people from secondary school and people from poly are a whole lot of different. Reason being, we come into poly with already some perception of how poly might be and also, we would already have our own group of friends and have our own personality blah. It may feel very uncomfortable at first but honestly, just try your best to befriend everyone and of course you can dislike people, just don't do it too openly, like come on you still have to survive through poly remember. Correction, that's not being two faced, that's called knowing how to survive in the wild, you're welcome.

TIP #2: Be open to meeting new people, step out of your comfort zone! Poly is a whole new world, you either love it or hate it so why not make the best out of it. Learn all the things you can, meet all the people you can and have all the fun you can! Don't miss out because you're shy and all that because you will regret it!

Okay, i'm going to end this post very, very abruptly here because i'd like to keep some of the things for the future so keep your eyes peeled! Hope you've enjoyed so far and do drop me blog posts suggestions!