Hey guys!
I didn't do anything much when it was day 3 because i just went around to grab some stuff for my friends and walked around the streets and all that. 

I've been wanting to grab a photo of these sandwiches since the first day because check out their names! "Can i have a Madonna please?"

Magic Mushroom? (FYI, no i did not try it)

Since it was crazy hot, i made by way to Beachwalk and grab some ice cream. It was the first time i understood why people say that ice cream in a hot weather is magical. 

After that i went back to the hotel for some lunch with this super cool mock tail. Yes i brought my laptop anywhere and everywhere near the hotel because i was addicted to Friends. Yep.

Late evening i went to the pool for another dip and ten minutes into it i got a call to do some school work but i decided to stay in the pool for at least 40 minutes before running back to do some work.

I brought a waterproof pouch with me so i could use my phone in the pool so hello legs

After that i went back to finish up some work, washed up and even though i wasn't hungry, i decided that i should try out that greece-themed restaurant that i've been wanting to try since day 1 so i did! #vscocamsedit

I can't remember what i ordered but it wasn't bad even though they got my orders wrong and all that. I sort of still enjoyed it, the meal was pretty cheap, under $10! 

I went back and started packing and watched more Friends! I slept pretty early that night since i had to reach the airport at 830am! My trip to the airport was pretty smooth (Tip: book airport transfers even though it may cost slightly more but it is safer and more comfortable!)

At the airport i bought a FIOS because it's so much cheaper there, wish i had more money left so i can buy more books! Goodness!

I touched down and bought some stuff at the airport before finding lam at the airport and we had great lunch before heading home!

bestest friend award goes to you ok! 

& that's all! 

Travelling alone.. well it was amazing. Everything i did was at my own pace, no rush, i could take things slow without burdening anyone or any worries. I could have my meals anytime of the day i like and all that. Even though many times i wish i could have someone with me to talk to them about how scary, fun, cool and all that (mostly is to share how good looking some caucasians are there) but it was a great, great experience! I'm looking forward to travel alone to a country out of asia or something. I'd love to tour Europe alone even though it sounds crazy and all that, Aussie and all that too! 

Sure it was scary with all the locals jumping at you, sure it was weird having to eat alone at times and sure there were worries about missing flights, waking up late and losing things but honestly, some of these things are part of a travelling alone but the experience, definitely worth it. Again, if you ask me if i'd do it all over again, YES. Like i said, i look forward to visit more countries alone! Time to start saving!