Hey guys!
I'm finally down to blogging about Bali day 2, so after lugging around my camera for a day, i've decided that i'm going to give up and go around taking pictures with my phone only! Which i may have slightly regret at the beach. But all is well since it was day 2 the super chill day, so in my hotel booking, breakfast daily was included so i woke up at a good 830am the next day and head down for breakfast! 

It was a buffet spread with different kinds of food from western to chinese to balinese, it was really good! 

I took some potato gratin, sausages, chinese noodles, beef stew and porridge! Crazy for breakfast and the downside of travelling alone, i want to eat all the food but usually end up wasting it..

My view!

After breakfast i went back to the hotel, took a nap, did some mini reading, watched some friends and decided to go to the pool! The pizza was super good i promise!

After that i went back to change and went out for a walk and headed to the beach! 

Before the beach photos, i need to clarify. They are photos, they don't show the real atmosphere and all that stuff over at the beach. Sure it's beautiful, sure it's nice and all that BUT what photos don't tell you is:
There are A LOT of people trying to hard sell their things over at the beach, they will FOLLOW you all around the beach until you buy it. Fact: Ignoring them own't help. For example, when i reached the beach, i was still deciding if i should sit on the bench or on the sand with a towel somewhere, before i could make my decision this dude followed me all the way around the beach until i rented a bench for about $6. 

I thought that was it, well at least i could sit on the bench right but i was so wrong. Because i agreed to rent the bench, a swamp of locals who are also selling their stuff like massages, scarves, food and all that stuff decided to surround me. SURROUND the bench i was trying to read and enjoy the beach and force me to buy their stuff. They just kept talking and talking and talking, deciding not to go away despite me politely declining saying - no it's okay thank you, no it's fine. One of them still mimicked me "it's fine it's fine *mumbles some shit*" 

Goodness, i was so damn pissed i wanted to shout at them, i decided to continue ignoring them and read and they just kept talking and talking and talking and trying to sell their things. Despite all the ignoring i've done, some of them decided to sit near me until i was showing some signs of willingness to buy. I almost went crazy, what must a girl do to have a good read by the beach?

I mean i understand they have to earn their money but through such a way and ruining someone's experiences like that, totally screwing up a touristy place so... Now that we've gotten it out, time for the pictures!

-Random photo of my hair-

The day ended pretty well with a beautiful sunset, could honestly been better if well.. you know without the "harassing" and all that. But i still did enjoy myself.

Thus, after my horrible experience at the beach, i decided to stay near the pool of i want a dip or something. It could probably be because i was alone that i got such "treatments" and all that because when i was walking along the streets the stall owners would almost manhandle you into their stalls to buy some stuff so well. That's the downside of being alone in Bali!

My day 2 was pretty much relaxed, reading and watching more dramas everywhere i went!