Hey guys,
So i'm here in Bali already! So far everything has been fine, the flight was okay, food was fine and being alone was surprisingly fine! 

This is the first time i'm travelling alone and of course i was feeling pretty scared and all that but so far so good! I'm staying at Harper Kuta Hotel located at Legian St about 15 minutes walk from the Kuta Beach! I paid about $230 for 3 nights and got my pricing from agoda which was a good steal i would say! I paid about $25 for airport transfer which was totally worth it, the staff that picked me up was super nice, the car was huge and they even have drinks prepared for you on your arrival! Great service i'd say!

For flight wise, i took Singapore Airlines and paid about $350 for the tickets inclusive of taxes, meals and all that stuff. Keep a look out for the deals section because i only paid a few more dollars as compared to Jetstar (without insurance etc) so Singapore Airlines was definitely a better deal! 

Of course everything didn't go super smooth, my luggage was locked and couldn't be opened. It's the digit kind so i couldn't do anything even though i know that the password was right. In the end i brought my luggage down to the counter and they helped me fix it by kind of breaking the zip that was connected to the luggage! They did it super fast and were super ready to help!

For my room, i had a superior room, 5th floor, single bed and facing the pool - Because the location of the hotel was in the middle of lots of nightclubs, i read in the reviews that it's best to get top floors and facing the pool so the music wouldn't be disturbing and i sure slept well!

The view when you enter the room!

The toilet was pretty clean! Ohyes, separating the toilet and the other room is a glass panel but no worries if you're staying with a friend, there is a blind for you to pull down! Plus point for me, i get to watch TV while showering!

Speaking of TV, they have a wide selection of SVC channels like cartoon network and disney channel which i so love!

If you look in the reflection of the mirror you can see the bed!

Giant bed which was super comfortable to lay it!

Huge TV, chair and all that!

Yes, every pool facing room has a balcony and it's great!


After settling down, i decided to walk around Legian Street and head over to beachwalk to get some food (which i didn't end up doing because i was too tired, surviving with only 2 hours of sleep)

Passed by this painting shop and was super blown away, wish i could bring one back! 

Look at these, just look at it! Crazy painting skills please! I kind of like the scary mona lisa one at the bottom right.

Did i mention, tattoo shops are everywhere!

This is a tattoo shop! So cute!

I pretty much busted my plan to go to the beach by sleeping until 830PM because i was so drained!

Took a cab down to Beachwalk to look for food because i was super hungry and ended up having some malay food at Cafe Betawi or something!

I personally love malay food so this was a really good meal, pity i couldn't finish though! This cost about $11! 

I then wondered around to look for a swim suit, check out their pull and bear and new look before i stumbled upon.. CHURROS

It's selling 10 sticks for $2, taste almost like churrosity - half the price, twice the goodness! You could say i went back super happy!

Anyway, i decided to take a cab back because it was already 10plus PM but goodness, all the taxi drivers were out to cheat money! They wanted to charge a good $6 for a relatively short ride minus the jams when on usual trips without jams is about $1 - $3! 

So tip for you, always ask for meter taxis this way your money won't be cheated, but if you have too much cash to spare and don't mind paying the extra buck, by all means go for it! 

Also, the local street shops do sell some really cute stuff, don't forget to bargain for it! Le En taught me to walk away even if i really wanted something, chances are they will ask you back and give you for at least half the price they were offering! So bargain, bargain bargain! 

Well, this concludes my Day 1 in Bali! I'm currently sitting by the pool bloggng and reading, hoping that i'll drop by the beach later on! We'll see how things goes!