Hey guys!
So this post is pretty much an announcement-ish post reaching out to people who actually read my blog because you guys can be expecting some exciting content up here around this time next week! Reason being, i'll be visiting Bali, Kuta - alone. Yes alone, and yes Bali.

If you guys remember i went to Bali last April as well for 3 days 2 nights which i felt wasn't enough since i didn't even get to get a dip in the sea due to the rainy season and all that and i was with my family and a friend. This year i decided to go back again for the following reasons:

I need a break - seriously. I'm looking for a place where i can relax and just spend some alone time away from school work and stuff because i've been so damn busy with school that even though it's my holidays, i've been going back to school like what twice a week? Things in school have really gotten really busy and honestly, i'm stressed out as hell so yes that's a totally valid reason to run away before school term resumes and more work comes!

Traveling alone is a must do when you hit the 20s - I've been reading a lot of articles about stuffs you've got to do when you hit the big 2 zone and well, i'm reaching that point soon and one of the must try is to travel alone. I've never travelled alone before neither have i tried being all by myself for a few days in SG so i gathered it's going to be a pretty interesting experience. Some of you may freak out and say that it's not safe and all that, trust me those people that i've told went slightly mental and all but i managed to assure them that i'll be fine! In case you are worried too, don't be! I've done quite a bit of reading about the place, talked to the people at the hotel, did research about the places near my hotel and arranged airport transfers and stuff so more or less things are in place. I'll be roaming around the beach, nearby malls, food places and probably some local shopping places like Poppies Lane and that's about it! Nothing too fancy, nothing too much! Plus i've been to Bali before so it's really fine!

It was a rash decision - I got to admit it was a pretty.. in the moment kind of decision. But they all say we should always live for the moment right (hope i'm applying this quote correctly, if not screw it.) I planned for awhile with a friend to getaway before school starts and were talking about it for a good few months but things were taking too long and my school is starting in 2 weeks! I don't really have the luxury to take my time and decide stuff so one fine night i decided that i should just stop being so scared and just book it already! Honestly i've been researching on travelling alone but the hotels and flights alone gave me headaches and i've scrapped that idea for a couple of times but the night that i booked, everything was rather smooth i'd say!

So now that that is out of the way, what's in it for you guys? Since i'll be alone which means everything will be on my own time, in my own pace i'll have shit loads of free time! Nothing much to do, not much to shop which means relax time all the way! So what i've decided is that i'll be blogging everyday! Unlike the usual travel posts i've did before, this time you don't have to wait till i'm back and slowly update you guys instead i'll be there updating at about 10pm every night! Pretty exciting right!

I'll try to take you around Bali as much as possible and blog in as great detail as possible so that those of you who may want to find out about Bali - Kuta before heading there can have an idea about it! For the upcoming posts over the next few days, i'll be blogging about my preparation for the trip! One post you can definitely expect would be what i'll be bringing there and probably a rough itinerary for my trip there! I have no idea how i'm going to share the place with you yet, maybe do a video or something since awhile ago someone told me to try vlogging! But no promises!

I'll be going for 4 days 3 nights - flying on 8th April, just the right amount of time to relax in my opinion! Yeap, so that's my mini announcement so look forward to it! If you guys have any tips/places you'd like me to check out when i'm in Bali - Kuta, do let me know in the box below!