Hey guys!
So i recently went to visit the Dog Cafe because everyone is raving about the Cat Cafe but i'm more of a dog person so i decided, why not?
There are a couple of dog cafes in Singapore i guess but some of my friends went to WTF and thought it was worth the recommendation, thus this blog post! 

It's located at Dakota, pretty deserted area (for me at least) and it took a bit of travelling to get there! How i got there was to drop off at Dakota station, exit to bus stop 1, walk towards block 99 and take bus 10 or bus 32, drop off one stop after you see Katong Shopping Centre (about 5 stops). After you alight from the bus stop, facing the road, walk towards your left and you'll see the shop, easy! 

Alright, so the shop is at the second floor, you'll be greeted by the super friendly owner who own all 7 dogs! She's extremely nice and love her dogs a lot! When you enter the cafe, you'll have to pay an entrance fee of $8.50, i heard they vary on weekdays and weekends, i went on a Tuesday! The entrance fee includes a drink that ranges from soft drinks to fruit soda to hot chocolate and depending on what you get, you might need to top up! I got hot chocolate which was an additional dollar! Also, there is no time limit!

(fun fact, to get the dogs to you, head over to the grabbing machine and grab a packet of dog treats)

WTF serves very simple food as well but you'll have to consume the food at the eating area outside where the dogs can't get them because apparently the dogs are really greedy!  

Small area for smaller dogs? There are two very tiny dogs that were at this area, probably for their safety or something! One of them, Mochi the maltese is super precious, she just sleeps in your arm when you carry her right! 

Big area for slightly bigger dogs! It's just an open area where you just sit on the floor and have fun with them doggyz! 

5 other dogs! The french bull dog is apparently the star here, she's called ahpui and it is said that she'll pounce on drinks if you put it on the benches so all drinks are to go on the tables/shelves! 

they are all super cute and active! But you gotta give them time to warm up to you, as i said, fastest way is through treats! 

why are dachshunds so cute?! 

It was super fun but because there were a lot of people there at that time, it was really hard to get a solid time with the dogs unless they really like you!
I saw the tiny dog automatically climbing onto a girl's lap was she was reading and just fall asleep like that! Super lucky please (or she could have been there since forever and the dogs are familiar with her already)

If you love dogs, do give this cafe a go! I didn't really try the food there so not much comments on it!