Hey guys!
So as promised, since it's the holidays which means more free time to visit new cafes and blog about it, here is a new post! W39 Bistro has recently been the rave on Instagram and i've been seeing quite a few people visiting it and talking about how good it is and of course, i had to find it out for myself!

Nestled in the narrow lanes of Clementi area, this gem definitely has more to offer than it's vibrant and well furnished look! 

W39 Bistro offers both outdoor and indoor seating depending on the number of people you are coming with! Because i came with 7 people, we had to opt for the seats outside since most seats were either reserved or taken up already! Thankfully the weather was fine plus it was sheltered so it wasn't as bad as you'd expect it to be! (TIP: Make a reservation if you want to get a good seat and mention that you want indoor seating)

We met this kitty which was just quietly sitting outside the cafe, enjoying the cat life. I have friends who are crazy over cats and yes they did have a good time with her! 

The Menu! Reach before 3PM to get the breakfast menu which i heard was really good especially the pancakes! Unfortunately we reached pretty late so we had the mains which was not the least bit disappointing!

I personally loved the indoors seating area because it is so meticulously decorated, every corner giving a really cosy and comfortable feel - just like how a cafe should be! 

From racks of display items such as mugs to great magazines such as Frankie, W39 definitely have it covered for their customers! They are all placed really neatly too, pretty impressed that no one messed it up or that the staffs are really on their toes to keep the place tidy! 

One of my favorite decorated corners of the cafe! I especially loved this because of all the old school delights like the erasers and the push pop! Also, they label their products well with the price that you wouldn't miss it (the yellow round stickers) & they even have free stuff for their customers like the kopi candy and the cold coins which had the sticker written "Take one for good luck!" - Creative! 

The cakes available, go before 6PM to enjoy 2 cakes + 2 drinks at the price of only $19 (not sure if it's inclusive of GST)

Another corner of the shop! Cute stuff

They even have a bakery corner in such a cute shelf! 

Personal favorite - Yes because of the union jack printed tray! 

Flat White - $4.50

Warm Honey Lemon - $3, English Breakfast Tea - $3 (they have a pretty wide selection of tea here!)

Moving onto the main dishes which blew our minds (or mine at least)

Confit of Duck Leg - $19.50
This was the bomb! I loved it so much, the meat was super tender, the mash potato was just about right and the greens were super fresh. I personally love duck leg especially the one at Saveur but in my opinion, this better! You get what you pay for, totally worth the money! Do give it a go! 

Braised Pork Cheek Gruyere Panini - $13
I didn't personally try this but my friends said that the bread was really soft, not tough at all and the pork cheek was really tender too! Well braised! 

Salted Caramel Cake $6.80
This was really good! I liked how the cream has a salty taste that compliments the chocolate cake! It was really good!

Mister Chocolate + Ice Cream - $8 
This looked so good in the fridge and we couldn't resist it! Looks like a pudding and it really jiggles when it was being served over! The texture was really good, the chocolate was rich but not to the extent where you'll get sick of it! Recommend to share this tough cause' it's kinda big!

Great company + good cafe = a very happy me!

How to get to the cafe:
From Clementi MRT, walk to the bus interchange and board bus 285. 
Alight at the 3rd stop, cross the road and walk towards KFC, you should see W39 there!
Address: 39 Jalan Mas Puteh, 128637
Phone:9646 5372

Plus point! They have wifi and i personally think that it's a good place to study if you are looking for one! Till the next post!