Hey guys,
So as mentioned, it's the holidays which means more posts up here but sadly i've been crazy busy with with school even though i'm on my term break. Still, i managed to meet up with my friends and try out some really cool places and one of them is Pasarbella! 

Basically Pasarbella is like an "atas pasar malam" as we called it and atas it is, the cheapest food i found there was $8 per oyster. Yeap, it's crazy expensive so it's highly recommended that you go with at least 3 other friends so you guys can pool in some cash and at least be full?

Apparently Pasarbella is at Bukit Timah (Turf Club) and they set up a mini version outside MBS which you'll not miss if you're around that area! 

They serve food from fresh seafood to grilled meat, desserts and even home stuff like cups and such! 

Of course, Beer! 

This was something we wanted to try but opted for something else as desserts instead! 

They have seats spread practically throughout the whole area so you get pretty much get your food and have it there! It also works if you go during the evening where the sun is not that strong and if you're lucky you might even get some breeze since it's by the waters! 

Headed to Holland V before that and got the ever so famous Plain Vanilla and it was really as good as they claimed! My favorite one was the salted caramel! 

Pork Knuckles - $24
This was really good! We all loved it!

The highly raved macarons! It's $3 for one and it's really good, totally worth the price! 

We got strawberry, lavender, pistacchio, yuzu and earl grey! Was expecting quite a bit for the pistacchio one but it didn't really have a strong nutty taste so my favorite was lavender even tho the girls said it's like eating perfume..

Since we were already at that area might as well check out the iLights Exhibition since i really love lights and all that so why not! Here are some of the visuals taken there!



This was my favorite exhibition and the sole purpose for walking an hour to check out all the different lights! Plus point that one of the people tending the lights was super cute! 

We didn't realise that the other cloud was half else we'd have moved to the center! Could have swore that it was packed with people! 

Cool light being casted on the net! 

This was the highlight of the exhibition, it's a 3D tictactoe where you play with strangers! Look at the four stations, we got to play with some other strangers across the exhibition and were screaming at each other for the next move. It was super fun even though we lost like 2 out of 3 games!