Hey guys! 
Happy March - Which means it's time to do a Feb post, i might just make this into a monthly thing if i do not back out like how i did from my monthly favorites! But this is much more enjoyable to do because i get to look back at the photos and identify cringe worthy moments of the past month and mentally kill myself over them.

CNY time with my bro, who really looks older than me

This is my OOTD x Nose itchy pose 

Steamboat with the peeps over at momo's house! 

Hachi looks genuinely terrified of me... 


With the flappybird x plants vs zombie people hahaha

Just look at the short, just look

One of the few things i love about CNY is the long duration and the "excuses" we have to crash our friend/relative's house to hang out and catch up with everyone. Love it! Ohyes, not to mention you may get ang paos too! 

Random days in school when my friends decided that it was cool to get my phone and spam selfies, yes i filtered! 

Ikea with the brindha the cray cray

Saw this amazing couch and i'm dead sure i want it for my future house or something 

MOM proj meeting with the team at the loft cafe! Read about a review here!

With granny for her bday celebration!

With the fam! 

Nandos with lam because i had a craving for it and he rushed down to have it with me! Bestest bestie ever

Joon always looks damn excited to take photos with me

Was at the museum for a lesson the other day! 

 & the three of us snuck out of lesson to have sushi, amazing 

With the mates!

Wicked garlic - damn goooooodddd (may do a post on it if i go back!)

Some photography lesson - yes, the lengths we would go to just to capture a facial expression

Met a friend whom i met at laneway in mink, what are the chances! 

Some day where jer decided he wanted to have lunch tgt

Cohort photoshoot with the teamshortz on V day! - Gonna miss these people when half the batch goes for internship :( 

Brinz with the rose that shaf got us for V day!

With the cray people

The Craft Cafe with AA Battery for V day which sth cray happened, enjoyable day tho

some lunch day when we went back to school to mug! 

ramen with the shortz

KK for the lamas

shorties from lamas hahahah

People that got me through Sem 2!

PR bosses!

The day 3 of us pulled through Broadcast, was death, death and more death

6.10am after mugging for a night

Symmetry cafe! - Pricey place! Went during the time where they didn't serve food so we got a couple of snacks which filled us up! 

With my "twin" hahahaha

Some day after UT, mugging for another UT

Ice cream date - yayz pistachio flavored icecream for the win!

Sherz super happy with her gift!

With the best peeps ever at The Craft Cafe! 

Super intense game, taking over mono deal

I saw a squirrel the other day!! 

Desserts and quater to three cafe! 

mink/mansion with the girls! 

supper with the idiot who fell down and was more concerned about his tattoos than blood

Books to get me through the holiday! Btw, i got all these from noq, they sell books at a cheaper price and delivers to your doorstep in 2 weeks! No i'm not paid to advertise for them, just wanted to share incase any one of you love buying books but like me, you guys don't want to spend a whopping 30 bucks on one! So check https://www.noqstore.asia/ outttttt~ 

Now that it's finally my holidays, you can expect to see more posts around so do stick around!