Hey guys!
I finally went to try out Chye Seng Huat Hardware! A Cafe that has been on my 'to-go-list' for the longest time ever but pushed it aside because it seemed to be located at a rather.. inconvenient area? BUT, finally decided to try it out since my friend knows how to navigate to the place without having to take a cab or walk too far.

It's tucked along the streets of all the shop houses and totally gives off the super old school vibe, you won't miss it!

They have two entrances, one being this and the other one at the outdoor seating area!

They can house a pretty good deal of people at this cafe even though it's of a rather cosy size! 

Condiments such as salt, paper, sauces and iced water are all self service near the counter! 

I heard that CSHH serves one of the best coffees in town and they have a good selection of brews! They cater to all kinds of preference such as if you like your coffee with or without milk/sugar and all that! They also have mini description about each brew and the staffs are super friendly to recommend the brews according to your taste! 

Their selection of pastries was pretty decent as well!

They have bar seats and normal seats as well but my friend said that it'll be pretty fun to sit infront of the barista as you'll get to see them make their creations and all that. True enough, it was pretty eye-opening! I was maybe, just maybe slightly inspired to pick up some barista skills? Maybe? 

We didn't really chat with the barista working there through, didn't look really friendly perhaps he was overwhelmed with orders? 

Cappuccino (Expresso + milk selection)  - $5.50 / Daily Hot Brew - $3
I personally have no idea how to appreciate coffees (i'm more of a tea person) but i thought the daily hot brew was not bad given that i didn't have milk and only a spoonful of sugar even though it's recommended to drink without any condiments added. It was too bitter for my preference without the sugar!

Almond Croissant - $3.50
This was good! Flaky and buttery! 

Creamy Fudge $6.50
Recommended to share this because it's kind of rich and too much of it will make you pretty sick if you're not a choc person! 

Cheese Steak Sandwich - $13 
This was really good! The steak was cooked just nice and the english muffin bread goes really well with it! Tip though, don't leave this for too long because the bread will harden and you'll have a pretty difficult time cutting it! The chips and the dip went really well together even though i don't personally like tomatoes but it was good! 

Overall i thought it was a good experience. Loved the ambience and the food! Would love to go back to try out the pork chop, lemonade and cakes! I think their kitchen will close after a certain time so do call and check before going! Till next time! 

I got there by:
Lavender MRT, walk along King George's Street (pass windowsill/bravery cafe) to Tyrwhitt Road!
About 8-10 minutes walk! 

Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd, 207563
Contact: 63960609
Opening hours: Tues - Fri (9AM - 7PM), Sat - sun (9AM - 10PM)