2014 - Day 15
“Mom, I think it’s time to take all these paintings off the walls, I can’t do this anymore. Every single time I walk down this aisle I’ll only be reminded that Anna is no longer with me and it is too much pain to handle.”
“My dear son, trust me, you don’t want to do that. These are what’s left of her, are you sure you want to tear them all off just like that?” Mrs Colton replied as she brought Dylan into her embrace while he buried his face in his hands.

Ever since the plane crash that took the one person that made Dylan believe in love away, he has been this hopeless, depressed, devastated and broken. It’s as if nothing else in the world makes sense, nothing else mattered. Before the incident happened, Dylan would spend all day painting with Anna but now he just spends the whole day sleeping and occasionally eating, he says that sleep helps him take the pain away. But because of the reoccurring nightmares of how Anna died, he had problems falling asleep that he turned to medications to help him.

On days where even the pills couldn't do their trick, he’d stare out the window, soulless and occasionally smiling. It seems as though he traveled back in time to somewhere where he found comfort and where happiness was not a dream.

“Happy 18th birthday darling” exclaimed Mrs Colton as she planted a kiss on Dylan’s forehead. “Hurry down now, your father and I prepared a gift for you and you’ll love it, come on”
Dylan was still groggy from his sleep as he dragged his feet down the hallway to the living which took what seems like forever to reach. He dropped himself down onto the gigantic sofa which his dad handpicked when they moved over to this house with his eyes shut.
As he was beginning to drift off back into his sleep, he heard ruffling and tearing of paper which made his eyes shoot open. He sat up excitedly as he watched his parents unwrap his 18th birthday gift; it was rectangular, huge and smelled like acrylic.

“Happy birthday son” smiled Mr Colton as he turned the huge gift revealing an exquisite painting. Dylan jumped off the sofa excited and ran over to the painting; he was lost for words because of how beautiful it was. The only thing he could do was to run his fingers around the gold frame that was lined with meticulously designed cravings that was holding the piece of art. He then laid his hands on the painting, carefully and lightly tracing each and every stroke that was on the painting and he can’t help but stay in awe at how bold and beautiful each stroke was.

“We got this painting for you because of how similar it is to your personality. The artist painted this to reflect optimism, happiness and a lively spirit. Just like you, your mere presence brings life to the room” explained Mrs Colton as she and Mr Colton stood there, smiling and watching how their son appreciated the painting.
Dylan always had an eye for art since he was young and this couldn’t be a better 18th birthday gift for him. Dylan got the painting hung right outside his room door so that every day the moment he leaves his room, it will be the first thing he sees.

That same year, he made a choice that he was going to start collecting paintings from all around the world, paintings that allowed him to speak his thoughts, hearts, emotions and ideas through them. Because of his great imagination, Dylan often interpret paintings different from how everyone else does and often get into a mental argument with himself as to what is right and wrong and decided that abstract art was the kind of painting he was going to collect.

He believes that abstract allows limitless interpretations depending on how the individual thinks and feels and it doesn't have to stick to only one meaning. To him, abstract art is like a picture instead of it being worth a thousand words, it is worth a thousand meanings.

1996, the year where Dylan decided that it was time he hold the first exhibition of his painting collection of 2 years because he thought that the paintings will go to waste if it’s only seen by his eyes. Preparations upon preparations were made, invites were sent out, and the place was all dolled up. Dylan put on his favorite suit that his mom made for his 22ne birthday a month ago and walked excitedly to his parent’s room, his steps were light that he was almost jumping.

“Slow down cowboy, you’re going to ruin the suit” said Mrs Colton as she straighten out the fabric on Dylan’s suit, smiling.

“I’m proud of you son, this is your moment, enjoy it” grinned Mr Colton as he took a puff of his Havana’s cigar.

As soon as the clock struck 7, people started coming into the Colton’s Residence. Dressed in fancy evening gowns and suits, the hallway was soon filled with guests who had smiles painted all over their faces, nods and handshakes were exchanged. The air was lined with expensive perfumes and Dylan strolled down the hall with a champagne glass in his right hand and the other in his pocket.

He went over to the guests and talked to them and sometimes asking them what do they interpret from a certain kind of painting. True enough, they were worlds apart from what he interpreted but he just smiled and nodded, listening intently to each and every interpretation.

After walking around for almost an hour, Dylan was going to take a break before this young girl caught his attention. Dressed in a simple yet flattering burgundy dress that cuts off just at her knees and shoes that sparkled each time she moves her feet under the spotlight. She looked like an ordinary girl, not stunningly beautiful neither does she looks like she has a body which she sold her soul to the devil for, but she sure had his attention.

Dylan cleared his throat and took confident strides towards her even though his heart was pounding like crazy, as if it was going to explode. In his mind he was telling himself to remain calm, come off as someone cool and breathe but in the next step he tripped and almost fell on her. Thankfully she caught his arm while he held onto the wall that was half an arm away.

“Well, that was really cool” chided Dylan in his mind as he composed himself and cleared his throat, again.
“Hi, I’m Dylan, I held this exhibition, are you enjoying this so far?” Dylan said, as calm as he possibly could as beats of sweat was forming around his palms

“Oh, hello I’m Anna, yes I’m definitely enjoying this, however I’m extremely intrigued by this particular one” Anna smiled and answered politely, shifting her eyes back from Dylan to the painting.

“What is it about this?” Dylan curiously probed as this fair lady whom he laid his eyes on had her gaze fixed on A Clear Day, the painting that his parents gave him for his 18th birthday. He was concerned, what if whatever she said offended him because this painting holds so much meaning to him, what would he do, what would he say?

“This is a truly marvelous painting I’ve got to admit but I’m just stuck at the caption that is complimenting this painting. It says that this displays optimism, happiness and a lively spirit when all I see are struggles and pain, almost as if that this is depression in the form of a painting, why is that so?” replied Anna, eyes still fixed on the painting and subconsciously tilting her head.

Dylan felt his heart skipped a beat and his muscles tensed up, his jaw clenched together for a moment before breaking into a smile. There hasn't been anyone other than him who interpreted the painting this way, at least that no one that he knows of. He was pleasantly surprised and the only thing he wanted to do was to know more about who this mysterious lady, who seems to be the only other person in the whole wide world that is as ‘messed up’ as him.

“Do you mind if we grab a cup of coffee or tea of you prefer sometime and I’ll tell you all about it, I promise.” Dylan asked ask he looked at Anna with eyes that could sweep any girl off her feet.

So that was a story i wrote for a lesson, i ended the story pretty abruptly and didn't really like it thus i decided to scrap the ending and hopefully write a continuation to this story over the holidays. Tell me if you like this!