Hey guys,
So i kind of promised that i would blog more when i have the time and as you all can tell, for the month of January i was jam packed with school work and friends and CNY and all that stuff thats why i left this place fairly dead. HENCE now i decided that i'm going to give a whole summary of whatever happened in January and fingers crossed that this doesn't happen often/again because it'll mean that i'll only be updating once a month... Then again, my holidays are approaching in like 10 days which means i'll be slightly more free and will be able to keep this space alive again, if anyone is still reading that is! 

The photos are not in order or what so ever because blogger messed it up for me and i'm too lazy to arrange it in chronological order so just enjoy! 

Happy time with the lamas over at my place - it was a cray night, merlion everywhere gosh

Went to hang out with my old friend! 

While at my broadcast assignment place with wiyah! 

Editing our work with shermz

Brought the A team to Kiseiki and had a cray experience talking to a stranger.. yet again


Random hang out with my mates

Hang out with A1, okay we were revising! 

Day out with the bestie and catching a midnight movie!

New clothes rack! 

working on another assignment with joonz

Was clearly captivated by the balloon flower zels made

friends friends, birthdays birthdays

Day out with the mates

This was when Momo's mother decided that she liked me and told momo to bring me some of the apple crumble pie that she made just for me! Also with Elaine's home made choco balls! Blessed! 

This was taken with Aisha during photography classes because the other team mates were taking their photos and we were just bored! 

Celebrated Matt's 21st birthday! Damn, time flew! 

My twin! 

Some other day where i decided to photograph a usual day on my bed, books, books, laptop, reading and writing! 

Was given the chance to work at Laneway 2014 thanks to Chew! Great experience! 

These are the faces my friends give when they read my archives all the way back to 2008, you can read it too - on the right hand column but i don't recommend you to do so.

Photographed just before i dropped the whole scoop of it... sad day it was.

A day where we got off class really early! Like damn early! 

Timbre with the girls where i got to talk to this dude who looked really cute but turned out to be only 18?! Damn i'm getting old.

the cutie that annie was dog sitting, looking extremely terrified.

With the BFF who always drive us around without complaining (okay sometimes she does)

On the shortie's birthday, 20 already...

The 'cabin in the woods' gang, x

this...is..not...rotating ugh

Yeap, we were in zouk

& the next day in school

CNY reunion dinner~ 

With my mom

With miso

Sleeping mso

Top right photo: she stuffed her head between my arms and fell asleep, can i get a AWWWWWWW

CNY 2?

Built this because i don't gamble so i literally just sat there and stacked legos

With the broz

& Yeap, that pretty much sums up my January! Busy enough but it was fulfilling! Look out for the upcoming posts!