Hey guys!
Yet another short cafe review post - this time i went over to try out D'zerts Cafe that has been on my 'to go list' and i've got to say, i was pretty impressed!
Sadly, i didn't bring my camera so i took all the photos with my phone but for the sake of making it slightly more appealing, i edited it!

D'zerts Cafe is located around Tanan Merah, rather far for me because i live in Woodlands, so how i got there was through 168, alighting 2 stops after passing the Tampines Mall bus stop before boarding bus 10, alighting 7 stops later! You should be able to see the cafe on the right hand side before alighting so keep a look out!

D'zerts Cafe not only offer really high in demand desserts but serves really good main dishes as well! We tried their pastas, waffles and other side dishes such as their pasta salad and mushroom soup! Got to say, we were not disappointed!

D'zerts cafe makes a really great place to study even during weekends because it's really quiet during the afternoon to evening period! Crowd starts coming in after 8PM because there'll be 10% of all cakes and pastries! Also, they have plugs all around the store PLUS free wifi (do approach the counter for password!) Their toilet is pretty clean too! 

On top of all that, i've got to mention that the service is amazing! The uncles and aunties who run the place are so friendly! I stayed for a good 5 hours with my friends over there and we were doing work, they were constantly checking on us helping us make sure the table is clean to work with and all that! Love how they made small talks with us, making us feel very comfortable! 

My verdict is that i will definitely go back to try out more of the desserts and for the service! Plus the food is pretty affordable, everything below $10 and there is no GST! Don't forget to check them out!