Hey guys,
It's been so long since i've kept this space updated! Was pretty sure no one came back but yesterday someone actually told me to update my blog on my ask.fm and as i said before, so long as there is one person reading i'll update! So whoever that is, this post is happening because of you!

Basically 2013 has been really busy and i really do want to write a blog post summing up 2013 but it has been a real piece of shit and i don't really want to go down all the sob stories here so let's just skip it shall we! Instead, i'll be sharing some of the stuff that happened from about mid-december all the way to the end of it so yeap lets go!

Fabulous Baker Boy/ Kith Cafe/ National Museum of Singapore
A few days before i had to fly off, my days were pretty packed and this was one of it! I met up with my girls to have our yearly Christmas meet up over lunch/supper plus exchange some presents! We wanted to settle at Fabulous Baker Boy but we reached past the time where they served lunch so we were only left with cakes and drinks. Since we were already there, might as well try something before leaving right!

Since leen wasn't there yet, we shared a slice of cake since it was a pretty big slice and a cup of iced tea! The cake was pretty good i must say, i didn't like the tea though there was a really strong taste which we couldn't put our thought to but sheryl loved it so well! 

We did some research and went to the nearest cafe which was Kith Cafe located at Park Mall. Read quite a few reviews on it before and this is more on the pricey side i would say but the food was really, really good!

Caramel Milkshake

Beef Pasta which i thought was really amazing, would totally come back for this!

Can't exactly remember what this is called but i really liked the bread! 

Grilled Vegs and i tried my first zucchini! 

I got a galaxy printed backpack and a fuzzy sweater for my trip!! 

After that i had to rush off for a school thing at the National Museum of Singapore but i had a great time cause i got to hang out with some of my really good friends!

My babe

After the event, headed over to 49 Seats, a cafe that opens till 2am if i'm not wrong! Been there a couple of times already but i hadn't got good photos to blog about it so next time! 

Visiting Elgin's/Llama's Christmas Party

Met up with the Nkorean early in the morning to travel to yishun to visit the two dogs over at Elgin's!

What a beauty right! But super playful! 

What is visiting dogs without grabbing some selfies with them!

I ended up loving her more because she was too cute, came up beside me and snuggled for a while before the husky came along and disturbed her! 

Just look at the dog's face, just look at it.

Again, thanks for letting me visit!

On the same day, i rushed off to meet up with my dear Llamas over at Momoko's! It started off really bad because it was pouring and there was no way to get over to her place without getting drenched in the rain plus we had no brollys with us! Called momo for help and she came with umbrellas but the rain was so heavy that umbrellas were useless! We reached her place soaked in rainwater and wrapping papers falling apart.

But momo decided to save the day, got us all clean clothes and threw our clothes into the dryer and we got the party started! 

Cutest set up ever! It was so cute that aili decided that if we wanted to use the tissue we have to tear it in half and share!

The spread was awesome, put together by momo's mom! 

This is hachi! 

We wanted to grab a quick photo before starting to eat so we just scrambled into a weird awkward position around the table which turned out... well you see.

We exchanged our presents and it was ridiculous how everyone was so happy with their gift from their secret santa AND from each other! & The next most ridiculous thing was Q was both my secret santa and my mortal, we both just burst out laughing which was quite funny! 

Me with my present! Love it!

Me and the christmas tree over at mo's! 

Yuhui brought polaroids for all of us and it was just amazing. The day was made perfect, spending time laughing together in each other's presence and having good food all at once, just perfect! Will never trade them for anything in the world!

So i travelled to 3 countries in 14 days, the experience was tiring but super fun because i was with my family! Would be better if my brother came along too though.

Took an early flight to Shanghai to meet my dad at his place first!

It was cold like crazy, like 6 degrees or something? 

Of course i'll have to head to F21 when i'm here!

The sun set pretty early over there, at about 530PM it'll look as if it's 8PM! 

My christmas present from dad and sandra!

Look at the collection of pockys they have! I'm not a hardcore fan of pocky but look at these flavours, of course i had to get them to try! 

There is something about the cold weather that always leaves my face looking as if i just woke up! All the time!

We settled at this restaurant and had some really good food!

Ohyes, i got this penguin jumper from SPAO because i was missing my mates already! 

Best bubble tea ever! 

So these bags that my dad is holding are actually... 58 boxes of pocky, yeap.....

Presenting to you.. pocky of crazy flavours!

& thats my dad stressing up how to pack it all up! 

Got some pudding from paris baguette, yes they have an outlet in shanghai too! I still prefer the ones in SG cause it was probably too cold that the cream became kind of.. jelly?

Some loots!

Some jap food for lunch before walking around and settling down at a cafe to grab some coffee and read! My family loves reading so it was pretty good to find a nice place with a book!

Later on at night, we went to this place where it was filled with claw machines like this: 

& i went slightly crazy, i love love love claw machines and the thrill of being able to catch something you set your eyes on! Plus it is a lot cheaper than singapore, like once catch cost like 50 cents sing dollars or something only!

Cool bottles!

Some of the stuff we caught!

Yeap, this is my dad saying hi!

Hong Kong
Took a plane over to HK from SH and reached there late afternoon/evening! Checked in and headed to walk around for dinner! Ohyes, did i mention Dr Marts are cheaper in HK as compared to SG so i had to grab a pair first before anything!

Meet 14!

Hongkong - neon sign boards, busy streets, red taxis! 

Basically Hong Kong was a lot of shopping and more shopping!

With the family! did i mention, one hour after i left this place (Harbour City) 2AM decided to go to the exact spot to where i was! Talk about tough luck

Tried their chai latte which wasn't available in SG, didn't really like it as much! 

Ohyes, HATER caps were slightly cheaper here as well! So were the Vans!

Must try #1: curry fish ball!

Must try #2: xy liu shan mango dessert!

I may have a slight obsession with shoes, just a really slight one.

Because of HK dramas where i always see people eating congee from these styrofoam bowls, i had to try it!

Penguin socks on christmas day!

Saw some happiness in physical form! 

Ohyes, i went back for one more pair...

It took self control to not run over and grab the bunch of balloons

I took this photo because i was so impressed to still be able to see kids reading instead of using ipads and all that! There is hope for humanity!

Durian chocolate, really?

Must try #3: i have no idea what is this

Guang Zhou

Took an afternoon train from HK to GZ! About two hours, the train ride was pretty smooth! Quite enjoyed it! 

Went over to sandra's house and it was huge plus there were a few cats at their backyard running around like this one which i decided to name it Snow

Had some really good food!

Ramen the next day!

Grabbed this book over at the bookstore, yes i'm a sucker for romance novels.

Went for a foot massage and i still think toes are weird

Got my planner ready for 2014!

Saw this cutie along the way! 

Banana pie was still pretty popular around GZ even when SG stopped selling so i was really happy to be able to eat it again! I really liked it!

Went over to the zoo the next day! 

I enjoyed myself there because the weather was great, the zoo on wheels was SO AWESOME. Animals roam freely and the visitors travel on this tram thing to look at them, it was so cool! Got to see lots of animals up close! What made me really happy was...:

Meeting a tiger cub!! 

Later that night, we went for some circus show which was apparently really popular over at GZ! The tickets were about 50SGD per person and it was free seating! Two hours before the show people were already filling up the place! True enough, the show was amazing and they even had animals as part of the show which i thought was cool as heck! Yes, that was my first circus show! 

Went over to some scenery place the following day! 

And we went for some really good seafood after that!

It was my first time trying out fresh oysters and i did not like it at all. I'm just thankful it didn't mess my stomach up! 

Prawns look alike

Damn good scallop!

Giant piece of salmon!

Grabbed a cup of gingerbread latte because i've never heard of it in SG and it is my favorite starbucks drink so far! That is my dad giving up trying to photobomb me! 

Saw this cool pepsi drink over lunch the next day, apparently soft drinks in glass bottles are still super popular at GZ!


We had supper at my dad's favorite place the night before going home! 

& This was taken on the flight home to Singapore on the 1st January 2014! 

My obsession with Dr Martens.

& yes, this concludes the long post which i hope you guys enjoyed! Will be sharing with you guys two cafes that i've recently visited soon!