Hey guys!
So there was a request for me to blog about my tattoos so here is the post! I got my first 3 tattoos around this time last year and got the latest one in October this year! All were from Black Moustache Tattoo, check their FB page out at: https://www.facebook.com/blackmoustachetattoos?fref=ts. My tattoo artiste for all 4 was Victoria, she does realllyyyyy straight lines so if you'd like to get one from her, you can find her on FB or get her contact from me!

This is a heartbeat tattoo, yes if you are wondering i did a heartscan and got my exact heartbeat to be tattooed on my chest. The word at the end is actually Eternity which most people misunderstood it to be my name - Cheryl. This holds a rather special meaning for me, more on the religious side, if you're interested ask me personally!

Cross tattoo at the back of my neck, pretty self-explanatory. Really love the size the thickness and all that of this cross! Would be my favorite tattoo out of all four!

 "Love Has No Fear" - a quote from the bible, also related to my religion and also holds a rather special meaning to me. On its own it's also kinda cool, right? Kind of like a constant reminder to step up to do things for the people/things you love woo woo. This is on my back, about a palm and a half below the cross!

My latest tattoo on my right shoulder - Family. Pretty self explanatory i guess and family is the most important thing to me in this whole wide world. No idea why i got it on my shoulder also, i would have gotten it somewhere else but i have no idea where. I love the font as well, so simple yet pretty!

So basically as you guys can see so far, i'm a very script tattoo person. Not so much of the picture-ish kind even though i do not deny that i have plans to get a picture tattoo in the future. But for now, i'm really into these script tattoos which kinda makes my body like a text book or in a nicer way, my personal diary! 

If you ask me if i have any regrets on getting these tattoos, yes and no. Yes would be the heartbeat one because firstly, SOMEONE ELSE GOT A HEARTBEAT TATTOO ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE CHEST AS WELL. That annoyed the heck out of me because well, i thought of the idea myself and i don't personally enjoy sharing the same thing as others. You might think, oh millions of people have a heartbeat tattoo as well, so what's the big fuss? No guys, no just no. Yes i agree tons of people did a heartbeat tattoos but like what, so far i see no one putting one above their right chest like me. Maybe i'm thinking too much, maybe i'm not but i'm just upset that the person got it at the exact same place as me and i still believe that it was MY idea since i got it what a year before the person did. *fun fact, the person followed me on instagram and unfollowed me when she got the similar tattoo as me* 

needless to say, i choose to believe that mine is still the best looking heartbeat tattoo on the left side of the chest /flip hair/ hate me all you want /double flip/

Second reason why i mini-regretted getting my heartbeat tattoo on my chest is because, it's on my chest like just right there. I am not able to get one across my whole chest because there is one tiny heartbeat tattoo on the left side, which is kinda wasted you know since i really like huge quotes across the chest kind, love them! But all in all, what's done is done and i actually really like my heartbeat tattoo still and the meaning behind it still wakes me up sometimes..

Anyway, time for some Q&A about tattoos, not sure if i've done this before but heck i'm doing it again!

1) Does it hurt? - Personally, yes. Its kind of like dragging a penknife along your skin feeling, sharp pain but bearable.

2) Will the tattoo fade? - Yes it will BUT it is suppose to especially when it is in the process of healing, the skin will peel and it will fade a little bit! Go back for a touch up and it'll be good again!

3) How long does it take to heal? - About 1-2 weeks if you take good care of it, apply lotion on the area every day, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH during the healing process!

4) How much does a tattoo cost? - Depends on the place and the artist actually, my heartbeat one was $50, cross and quote was $250 and the family one was $100.

5) Did your family disapprove of your tattoos? - Well, nope. Cool story that i've shared before, my dad actually brought me to get my first 3 tattoos and he did one on the day itself as well!

6) Will your tattoos affect your future? - I'm not sure but so far all my tattoos can be hidden quite well and i'm not a sleeveless tops kinda person so it wouldn't be easily seen unless it's a scoop neck top/off shoulder top/mesh etc.

7) What if your future spouse disapprove of your tattoos? - Too bad i guess? I won't laser it away or anything like that because he doesn't approve of it though! I mean, the tattoos come as a package together with me right....

8) Are you planning to get more tattoos? - Yes and no? Where and what? I don't know yet!

Yeap, these are all the questions that i have on my mind so far, if you have more feel free to ask them:

Shout out to whoever who requested this post as well! Hope you liked it and to everyone, if you'd like to request something for me to blog about, do feel free to!