Hey guys,
I recently went to S.E.A Aquarium since everyone around me has checked it out except me, i figured it's about time! Even though i went on a Monday afternoon, it was jammed pack with tourist, kids and family! Extremely annoying especially when they thoughtlessly squeeze their way to the front shoving anyone and everyone that seems to be in their way, nevertheless with ultimate patience we managed to see some of the sea creatures and all that! 

I thought this was quite cool, had to use flash because it was too dark! 

lets play Spot-The-Dolphin

I think jellyfishes are the main star of this place because everyone was surrounding it plus they have pretty lights to help further make them to even better so here is a mini jelly fish spam!

Quite cool to realize they can swim upside down! 

& the legendary world largest aquarium tank! (I think)

Pictures are extremely blur, i blame the fishes for moving too fast and the glass for being too thick (i think it is AT LEAST 30cm thick!!) 

wild pair of shoes spotted

I found dory! 

Apparently all the photos looks like they are being taken from the same tank but i assure you, they are not

I love how awkwardly we are posing

Selfie with sharkie! 

Here is a video i put together of little shots i took around S.E.A Aquarium! 

& That's all! Hope you like it!