Hi guys!
So the cafe of the week that i visited would be Paris Baguette Cafe! Not the usual cafe that i would check out but this was on the to go list and my friends and i have been wanting to try this for awhile and so we did!

I didn't take any pictures of the surroundings because most of you would have seen their stores already, plus it was a crowded Sunday afternoon! We ordered about 10 kinds of bread and a pot of tea to share among 4 people! 

Seafood Chowder $6 - I initially expected this to be pipping hot and the soup would be really good but it was rather cold and not soup-ish? More like cream and seafood but it was good! Make sure you share this though, it's really thick (don't even need a spoon to "drink" this) and you'll be sick of it easily! 

Cheese Half Pan $3.50 - This looks really usual and some how taste rather common but the cheese just makes you want more? The bread is really soft though, do give this a go if you like cheese/soft bread! 

Sweet Cinnamon Bun $3.10 - My favorite pastry of the day and probably because of my love for cinnamon rolls but this was really good! Kind of like a croissant texture, rather flaky! Love this, would go back just to get this!  

Hannam-Dong Hot Dog - $3.60 - We got this because ming wanted to try the hot dog plus in the description they mention beef and mushrooms which sounds rather interesting. This was so-so, didn't hate it, didn't love it either.

Sweet Bacon Roll $3.60 - I expected this to be more savory than sweet through but this tasted very new, never tried sweet bacon before! This is like a bread stuffed with eggs and all that and wrapped with bacon. I enjoyed this! 

Crispy Cheese Style (triangle thing) $2.50, Crispy Cheese Stick $2 - To me these are awfully similar, the only difference is the shape but my friends said that the cheese stick tasted better. Ohyes, TIP when you order this and bring it back to your table, eat this first else it'll turn really hard and difficult to eat! 

Chocolat Blanc $2.50 - We wanted something sweeter, more to the dessert side and we were not disappointed! This was sweet enough and the proportion was good given that it is this sweet but it didn't tasted like milk chocolate as we thought it was though! 

This is a tiramisu (brown pastry) $2.90 - I thought this was a cake and i was very, very sad to realise it wasn't. It was like a tiramisu in bread form which i didn't really enjoy because it was really dry and all that.
Condensed Milk Cream $2.20 - This was really good, better than expected! Looks really plain and normal but the bread was super soft and the cream wasn't too overwhelming. If you love condensed milk and cream, do give this a go! 

We also ordered a pot of English Breakfast Tea $11 to share and it was just sufficient for all of us given that we were not that thirsty! 

Honestly i think that this place is rather pricey, the bread and all that is fine but the drinks and other main courses are on the pricey side! If you guys heard about this place before you would have heard of their famous pudding, we didn't get it because we were super full from all the carbs we ate. However i did try the pudding before eating here and i personally think the mango and coffee one taste better than the original one because i'm not a big fan of milk based stuff so if you visit Paris Baguette, do leave some space for the pudding! It's totally worth it! 

Anyway, another reason why we headed over to town for lunch and not visit some other cafe in a more secluded place is because we wanted to join the Krispy Kreme craze! I've heard of this Krispy Kreme donut from my friends months before it opened and everyone was raving about how good it is so i was quite excited to give it a go.

We went to join the queue and queued for about 25minutes and behold:

We got ourselves 2 dozens, and so far i've tried the plain sugar glazed and it was not bad!

& yeap, that sums up another food hunt with the girls! Hope you guys enjoyed and do check back for my next blog post about SEA Aquarium!