Hey guys!
So Lola's Cafe has been one of the most visited cafes on my instg feed and i thought that it's about time i checked out why! I headed there at about 4PM on a weekday, it was rather easy to find since i had assistance from a friend too! So if you're thinking of checking this place out, take the train to Kovan, exit from Exit B, walk straight towards the traffic light, cross the road and you should be able to see it on your left hand side!

Since it was a weekday afternoon, it was rather quiet and nice. Very cosy place! 

TIP #1: Hashtag their photo to get a free dessert! 


Matcha Green Tea Latte, they have a hot version too!

Truffle Fries - My friend told me that this is a good deal and it definitely was! Crispy fries with cheese sprinkles, yum! 

Nacho Cheese Fries - Yes it was rather silly to order two kinds of fries but since we were there after "kitchen hours" the only food available were snacks which explains.. However, this was not a disappointment! The cheese was actually sufficient to last us to the last few fries!

Chicken Wings - Loved this! The sauce reminds me of some thai sweet sauce which was really refreshing, do give this a go! 

Apple cinnamon pie - We got this for free thanks to the hashtag fun thing Lola's Cafe has and also to my friend Mich Toh! I loved this mainly because of the large apple chunks and cinnamon! 

1. "Kitchen Hours" ends at 1030AM-3PM and start at 6PM-1130PM so do reach around the timing if you want a meal but if you are just there for some light snacks, you are good to go at any time!
2. Don't pick the last few seats as it can be really dark if you want to get better lighting for your photos! 

This is not a great post on the cafe since i didn't get to try their signature All Day Breakfast which means i'll definitely be back there and might do a follow up post so keep a look out!
  1. Address: 5 Simon Rd, 545893
    Phone:6343 1808